Prices for grooming are determined by size, length of hair, and breed of pet. Prices may also be affected by the trim request, pet manageability, and brushing time involved in the grooming process. The prices listed below are estimations only and may vary depending on location and include shampoo and conditioner, pluck and clean ears, trim pads, trim feet, trim nails. For exact quotes, please visit one of our locations with your pet.

Includes all natural organic hypo allergenic shampoo, nail trim,gland express (small dogs only), ear cleaning, paw trim, and butt trim.

Bath, Bubble, and Style Services
Short Hair Long Hair Style Service
Small Dog $28-30 $30-40 $50-65
Medium Dog $30-35 $40-50 $55-70
Large Dog $40-55 $50-65 $65-85
X-Large Dog $55-65 $70-105 $95-120+
Cats $50-55 $55-65 $60-80
Additional Services
Nails $10 (Free with Bath
Brush Teeth $8
Gland Express $10 (Free with Bath
Oatmeal or Flea Shampoo $6
Tick Removal $10

First time grooming customers.